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Cost-Saving Measures to Help Create a Comfortable Home

Proper insulation in your home will save money on heat and air conditioning. Attic temps in New Hampshire can reach as high as 149˚ in the summer. This would  be like having pizza ovens running all day with only sheetrock between you and the heat. Outside warm air will move to cooler zones, like inside your house, causing you to run your air conditioning more.

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Heat Transfer in an

Uninsulated House

  •  Try to avoid having your air conditioning units in the attic.
  •  Insulate your air ducts in the attic. Make sure your attic is properly vented to help circulate hot air out when the temperatures drop at night.
  •   Air seal your attic and install a minimum of R-49 of insulation.
  •   Place curtains or coverings over your windows on sunny days.     Windows allow 10 times more heat to enter the house than your wall system.
  • ​When landscaping, consider shade trees to keep your grounds and home cooler.
  • ​Use ceiling and floor fans to circulate the air. Remember: cold air sinks and hot air rises.
  • ​Avoid using appliances like dryers and ranges during the hot hours of the day. This also helps decrease the load on the electric system.
  • ​Open windows and doors if the temperature is cooler outside. Our ancestors use to open windows at night and then cover them during the day. They knew what worked.

There are more suggestions on the website.

SUMMER IS A GREAT TIME  TO HAVE YOUR INSULATION WORK DONE . Often, it is easier to schedule, as most homeowners wait until fall​.           

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