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​​​​ Why Insulate Your Home in  the   Summertime?

​​​ ​​ Why Do You Have Ice Dams?

find yourself

in a fix? 

​​ Cold temperatures are here. The  challenge is  to keep your home comfortable and keep your heating bills low!

       In the winter, we concentrate on keeping heat in our homes...in the cooler weather, it becomes important  not allow  warm air to escape into cooler areas like your attic. So if there are air leaks in your home, the warm air will leave and when this happens in your attic, the roof becomes warm and the snow melts. As it refreezes, you can and will develop ice dams. VERY COSTLY!!

Losing heat  results in running your furnace  more with higher energy bills to keep you more comfortable. 


   The following services are best performed by professionals:

  •      ​Have your furnace unit serviced by a HVAC company.
  • ​     Schedule an insulation/weatherization specialist to evaluate of your attic insulation and ventilation. R values vary from zone to zone so make sure your have adequate insulation. He will also check for air leaks in your attic such as pipe and wire holes, recessed lights, plumbing/vent pipes that would allow heat to enter your home. At the same time, have him check out your basement rim joists. Sealing this off will keep unwanted critters out and prevent air from escaping to the outside.​
  • ​     Roofing Inspections. Roofs play a very important role in the building envelope. If in doubt about yours, call a professional roofer.
  • We offer:
  • • Insulation Packages for New and Older Homes/Light Commercial
  • • Energy Loss Evaluations (Blower Door Testing/Audits) 
  • • Removal of Contaminated Insulation 
  • • Installation of Insulated Basement Liners
  • ​​Free Estimates with a Menu of Remedies /Prices

We have affordable solutions to make you comfortable

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